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My name is Barbara Bethea. I will be updating these web pages as I find more information, and would welcome comments.

I will not included any references or names of individuals who are currently living. I have also tried not to show any relationship to any living individual.

Concerning my references, if an item has a superscript then I have some sort of proof (it may only be a compiled record), otherwise I received the information from some other source (word of mouth). Each superscript corresponds to a reference note on the references page.

In reference to the "Writings of Philip Yancey Bethea". These writings come from an old handwritten ledger book that I found in my father's house. I believe that my great-aunt Florence Bethea, Philip Yancey's youngest daughter, gave the ledger to my father. I would like to apologize to anyone in advance, because the manuscript may offend some, but I do not believe in changing my great-grandfather's opinion/perception of the facts. Please remember that I did the best I could considering it was handwritten.


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